Production Services

Location scouting

Thanks to its diverse topography, Romania makes a versatile location to shoot in, offering favorable weather conditions and stunning landscapes, be it golden sandy beaches, breathtaking mountain tops, exceptional waterfalls or imposing volcanos. Its tumultuous royal past and cultural diversity have granted us with hundreds of medieval castles and fortresses, historic sights and spectacular architecture. A testimony to the latter is Bucharest being nicknamed Little Paris, thanks to the astounding architectural similarities between the two capitals. Moreover, magnificent constructions can be found throughout Romania, as well as secret gems we discovered on our prospection trips.


Line Production

Sharp minded and meticulous by nature, we can take care of all the below-the-line aspects of production and have everything at the ready for our guest directors, crews and agency representatives to carry out the filming flawlessly. Usually, we get briefed on a new project, start dissecting the requirements list, coordinate as efficiently as possible with the creative team, prepare everything for the shoot, welcome our guests and ensure the production is followed through exactly as planned.


Set/Prop design

Need to feel like you’re on a tropical island? Or in a fairy tale forest? Or, perhaps, on Mars? We can make it happen. Our network of set and prop designers like a challenge and are able to cater to our clients’ needs within record timeframes.


Casting & Background talent

We collaborate with a number of casting agencies, which makes our talent database capable of handling demanding casting requirements. These include diverse character types, flexible extras, highly skilled lead actors/actresses, as well as reliable stunt performers.


Local crew

We are proud to say that our team is made up of some of the very best production professionals in the country, both great at their jobs and with a refined work ethic. Our strong relationships within the industry allow us to fill in any extra capacity requirements for large scale projects.



Wardrobes are coordinated well in advance of the shoot, to ensure the styling is congruent with the colour palette, the concept and the message that needs to come across.


Hair & Make Up

Besides their natural flair and artistic acumen to achieve the required looks, our hair and make up team work at a fast pace and keep careful track of the call sheet.


Facilities’ booking

Romania excels at offering a diverse range of filming facilities, unrivalled amongst most countries in Europe. There is a reason why big budget films choose Romania as their primary shooting location. Dozens of soundstages, the largest water tanks in Continental Europe, acres of backlot, studios and all the other facilities needed for film and commercial production. Having spent so many years in the industry, we know these facilities like the back of our hands and can get the best deals for our clients.



Obtaining permits for whichever location we needed has never been an issue for us, with our designated legal team taking care of any fathomable legal formality.



Peace of mind is ubiquitous in our work culture. For that reason, we have reliable insurance policies in place for an added layer of security.



We have partnered with some of the best hotel chains in the world, which enables us to offer our delegations the best possible accommodation because we understand how important it is to have a good night’s sleep and be able to disconnect after a long day of filming.



Grumbling stomachs make people distracted and unproductive, which does not benefit anyone. To make our sets as welcoming and efficient as possible, we have catering teams scheduled for fixed food breaks on set.



The moment our guests arrive at the airport, they are met by personal drivers that assist them throughout the entire trip.


Budgeting & Scheduling

At CADRAN Film Production, we do not believe in overtime. Our call sheets are precise and we have a special affinity with numbers. Probably the most crucial aspect of all, we tend to discuss budgeting and scheduling at the very beginning of our collaborations.